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"Comes in Like a lion" March part one

Have you ever heard the saying "march comes in like a lion comes out like a lamb"  although  its warming up already I found  2 fabulous lines that represent this and I will match them with cheaper fabulous clothing.

My first line is the Milly spring 2011 ready to wear line I love the Mari Mekko like colors and polka dots. I wont match all the pictures but but here are some great looks. 






*Pictures are all from

The first look I will match would be  #5 because, its fun (like that purple shirt!) and brings color to a cold  and/or rainy day 

Parts of this look

  • head band
  • purple wrap skirt
  • high waisted skirt
  • colorful pumps
  • red coat
  • chunky necklace
Thats  a lot of items  but its a runway look so I would trust the stylists at that show.......

So I will start with the stripy shirt......I found this one at american apparel $16.00.

High waisted skirt....from Delia*s jut an average price 29.99

Here are the colorful pumps...from nordstroms 50.00(link)
The coat...from LL bean not exactly the chicest but its only $49.50 (link)
The Necklace is from...BP teen for $16.00 (link to this necklace) Its a vague necklace but it works and inexpensive...
Sorry about the bag but its was very hard to find a bag in my budget that looked good with the outfit.
 My second outfit #8.  I love because its polka dots are cute and its very warm rainy spring day like...
part of this look!

  • high waisted shorts
  • white shirt
  • pointy tip shoes
  • top hat
  • necklace
  • polka dot coat

    Lets start with th high waisted shorts....from forever 21 for only $19.00!(link)

    Now for the whit button peasant shirt....from delia*s for $19.00 it might look a tab bit unusual but if you think about it you can tuck it into the shorts.(link)

    We will look at this rain coat from target 29.99 (link)which is perfect for spring rain.
    Pointy Delia*s for  $49.50 they are fun and not as simple.(sorry but they are more springy anyways)(link)

    The necklace is from urban original for just 12.50 I love the taffeta on it.(link)
    The hat is from ASOS for 18.83.(link)
    so those are my outfits this month tune in for part Two...
    Braces :)

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