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Versatile Blogger Award

HerI don't know if this is just a chain or if this a real award but I was nominated for the versatile blogger award by Brigid and Zoe <3
I officially think everyone should follow their blogs because they are both super stylish cool kids...
1 - Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging

2 - Let them know you have nominated them

3 - Share 7 randoms facts about yourself

4 - Thank the bloggers who have nominated you

5 - Add the Versatile Blogger Picture to your blog

7 random facts about me...
  1. My favorite raw food is Shashimi (sushi is second) and my favorite cooked food has been BBQ 
  2. I love sailing, skiing, singing, and soccer :)..
  3. I go to camp every summer for 2-4 weeks but this I love it there and I feel like sleep away camp has shaped me as a person :)
  4. I has 3 white cats Frank Sinatra, Skitty Bianca, and Pinky (but we just call them Frankie, Skitty, and Pinky), they are related, and they all hate each other. 
  5. I had a black and white shitzu (she is a Rastafarian shitzu I assure you)
  6. I am a twin..
  7. I play flute :)
Here are my 15 new bloggers (I tried my best I don't really know how to define "starting out bloggers" so everyone on the list has less than 1000 followers and not all of them are necessarily new :D )
Keep Blooming,


  1. Thanks for the award dear :) I appreciate it..

  2. hiya! thanks for the lovely comments on my blog :)
    Follow me back?
    wow there's my blog on your "15". Thank you :)

  3. Hi!! I love your site. I just to know your blog today and I like it!! I´ll follow your clue :D and Good luck for the participants!!!!

  4. Hey dear, can you please update the link to my site to or (for the feed).


    Best, Jenny

  5. Aw, why thank you!
    It sounds like you're a really busy girl! Ahh, I kind of wish I had natural athletic or music ability...haha


  6. hey thanks for the nomination!

  7. Hey Lillian! :) I've nominated you for the blooming blogger award, details are on my blog if you want to check it out! xx