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A litle Short + sweet introduction ( with huge font and super colorful)

This was supposed to go in the about me secttion but I guess not then since the stupid  about me section said I was 255 charaters over limit oh web sites and there stupid rules. So heres it is:
My name is Lil and I've been obsessed with fashion ever since my first trip to France. When I first ever considered the idea of designing one of my favorite things Clothing. I only really got back into high in 5th grade and with the influence of many fashionistas I start this blog. I am not only interested in fashion though I am also obsessed with film making(my YouTube channel the singingapple101, art (well fashion and art are basically the same thing),and photography which I tend to have a knack for (i will update you with many, many, pictures) Now enough about me more for fashion(big grinny smile)
Happy trails and follow my blog,
Lil :)) b

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