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The Modista arrives

So what is the point of this stupid blog . Well I will look at high fashion and interpret it in my own way like teen vogue suppose does but its actually affordable.  You see sometimes I want to buy something really cute (like that adorable silk cape I've been eyeing) and  it is just upsetting to find out that  silk cape I wanted was actually 1,999.98 dollars

          From that I learned to make substitutions :( until the day I will buy my own clothing...........

For example this ehhhhh looking thing from Dolice and Gabana is $ 640.00. It's not even interesting it just well...kind of…..bleh.


Now for something exactly like it but for the price that things really worth (oh it's just so blehhh)
29.99 at target


    This is diffidently not my style but it just proves that there are other options. (I sound like one of those quirky travel tip ladies on the today show don't I). Well I know its Halloween and I know my blog is pretty wintery but I like winter better than fall so I figured Novembers coming really soon and I'm not changing it.
Happy Halloween

Ps. I would technically wear it but I would probably buy the Dolice and Gabanna one just because I most likely wouldn't fall apart the minute I put it in the dryer J

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