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The Amazing Travel Tote!

I have decided to go light. What is that you ask? It's my own terminology for movement in travel. When the average American travel we pack way too much (me included). So what if you could only bring one thing on the plane. Only one carry on. Its hard sometimes but it's possible here are some ideas.

top shop slouch pack is a look This season
this next bag is found at
This is pretty perfect

Another top shop slouch back pack a little smaller but can hold just as much stuff

I know the name is showing but the flowers are almost oriental so I guess it evens out
A lovely Dooney and Bourke pricey yes......cute......yes find it at the Dooney website

I'm so a pink princess type This Vera Bradley totes home

Well that's my post buy one of these  awesome bags some of them are on the pricey side don't worry they will last you forever. And oh ya!

travel light!,



  1. I like the first one, the third one, and the Dooney and Bourke one.