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The itsy bitsy black dress :)

Every girl should own one. Yes the little black dress. It might sound stupid but here are some amazing high and low fashion dresses. For fashion new comers this might sound vague but it's not these little friend come in all shapes and textures. Take a look.
MY first texture is lace its feminine and almost any thing from free people is cool. Now lets find some even higher fashion to match this. :)

Ok ths is pretty close its a dropey marc jocobs about $758.00 .   

Now silk is the softest thing you can probally wear so who wouldnt want it in a little black dress?
Here is a very chic dress from Dolice and Gabana Its around $500.00
Chic and pricey
something from a amazing clothing store for people my age delias its 49.99! 
 and now something from top shop probally my favorite....... it is at $90.00's

Sparkles! If you love sparkles this is a perfect texture for you this $330.00  sequined David Meister is on the pricey side though. Pretty.Pricey. 
..Now look at this fabulous dress from top shop only $60.00's you can find it at this link because its really hard to find Find this dress here 

Leather has always been trusty so why not use it in the little black dress one day a designer thought…………… Well that's not really true but it is used in this crazy expensive  Diane von Furstenberg dress leather is expensive in general so this is actually kind of normal but I'll match it any way.

Ok well I got a pretty chic dress but its faux leather sadly. Its pretty hard to find cheap leather :( but in this unchic font I write about this fabulous aqua dress I found on asos! I Like this site allot becauseof it extreme variety.This dress is $146.54.
 Ok so here are so quick Ideas to with the dress
From Aldo:
This Nordstroms shoe:

From Madden Girl;

And thos are some ideas also you can wear gray or dark nail because those are IN!
Well farwell for Now,

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