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Nordic Print! :)

I'm a
I may not have a flaxen blond mane or Big blue eyes. My brother inherited that :( but there is nothing wrong with being a hazel eyed swede with dark blond/light brown hair. Never mind that but what mostly i will talk about this post is how to interpret my favorite line this season From D&G The Fall/Winter collection 2011 really awesome here are somne examples.
Snow boarding suit

A bit skimpy for skiing unless your a bikini skier in california

Its one of thos fuzzy sweaters your parents make you were for the family picture but you despise it so you try to throw it out and get rid of it so you throw in the campfire just to get in trouble with your parents (again)

Fuzzy Shorts!

Its a ski suit Im a skier I should know :)
 So Now that you've  seen my favorite line here are some inexpensive substitutes!

 Parts of this Look:
  • Shorts
  • Nordic Print sweater (No Duh)
  • Fuzzy Boots 
  • Cap
I First Found the shorts at urban outfitters.

 Now for that fabulous Sweater in cheaper form this one is from Urban outfitters.....again..

A cap! Found at:L.L.Bean its men's but its just as cool.

  .These boots I found at delias probally sooo much cheaper
This next look is basic a ski suit the pants are fabulous but really hard to find so I will try my best.
  1. Parts of this look
  2. ·        Patterned skinny's
  3. ·        Fluffy white boots
  4. ·        White sweater
  5. ·        Ski  goggles (just for fun if you don’t actually ski)

Fluffy white boots suprisely from PB teen suprising right? I mean its a furniture company! Who Knew!

Now for patterned skinny jeans this is a hard find but I found  these from this funny place called yes style. They are more than I want to pay though but they beat the 3,000 dollar ones.

.LL..Bean is diffidently the place to buy skiing wear so check this out


 And for the ski goggles

And that's is sorry but I need to get to thanks Giving festivities So......................
Will Blog again,

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