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Oh Im spending Chrimas in Paradise....You?

                  Christmas and the holiday season are spent in many different ways for example My Dad really would like to spend it camping, while my mom enjoys our home because of the massive (I mean MASSIVE) parties. But allot of people vacation in the tropics fed up with the freezing weather in new york.
For example:

Would You rather be here?
 Or Here:

So you cant wear your over worn swim suit  from this summer or your flip flops that have fallen apart. Your summer dress has a rip in it too ( just saying the zipper broke on mine). So here are some ideas.

swim suits:
For a cute Bikini

Trina Turk $166.00
 and a match from Delia's

$41.50 @ Delia's oh yea!

now for a one piece......

Juicy  Couture $150.00

 Now for something CH-eap-ER and uglier quite honestly

Now for some cool cover ups!
Ok these are random no comparing! YAY! Less work for me!
Victorias Tiedye(its her secret :)

At everything but water I snagged this cute cover up!
At nordstroms I grabbed these 2 awesome cover ups check it out!


I like these marimekko towels a lot take a look.....
 Thats my post!....