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Stylish gifts for the Stylish chrismas(and for chanukah too!)

Here are 15 awesome stylish gufts filled with love, scents,and vanilla bithday cake(....wait the would be gross). These gift are warm gifts and really cool too! :)
Ok, that was really lovey dovey but Im going to finds things to give that are fluffy and shiny too! 

Beauty gifts + wellness
Brown sugar rub will polish your Skin up Nice at
Its Great! For $38.oo

Next we have something called the "ginger bread girl set" I found at Sephora! Its from philopshy a great company of scents and other! Its $20.00 heres a here
 From Butter nail products I found this really pretty gift set.
Find it Here
 Ear Muffs! I like these ones because they are so sweet!
Found here for 16.00 euros (its a awesome british site what more can I say!)

Fluffy boots from old navy I own a pair and their great! For 15.00 dollars...... click here to see them

Fluffy Blanket to enjoy complete fluffiness! Found at Ikea for 19.00 dollars.....a link!.


The fanny Girl

The biggest fans needs are resolved
FOR THE JB  FAN! O MG I found this at loop and Pluto. for $20.00 it specially designed so its super comfy.

For the Beatles fan I found a blanket!
 For 34.95 despite the price its a large blanket......found at old glory
For your Adventure time
because your dreams will be satisfied. for 28.00

This iPod case found at sears is adorable and $19.99

this sparkly Sephora duck makes bath time so much fun......find it here for 28.00

And from this funny store called Justice that is sparkly in general a cupcake wand that smells of cupcake  for it here sorry about the bad picture.

Food and Fun!
Give hot chocolate this Xmas from William Sonoma for 19.99 each (I would recommend the peppermint one)

Bacon cheddar popcorn! $6.00 at urban outfitters
And last but not least this awesome thing called e creamery that I discovered through the amazing teen Vogue for $50 create your own gelato or ice cream or sorbet its awesome!
Well thanks for tuning in have fabulous Xmas,
PS. thanks teen vogue for the inspiration!

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