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decades of style 20s edition:

So busy lately omg!So much homework mid terms and other annoying stuff! So I had an idea that I would take classic looks from different decades and match them with more modern or similar classics that still exist today....its sorta like what  usually do but I'm not matching inexpensive clothing with designer,hope you enjoy! :D

I start with the 20s the world of Coco Chanel. Fashion was changing.My grandma was a flapper her self, she designed underwear and wore a flapper dress for her wedding. Here is a women that's not my great grandma  but I will match her adorable outfit.
Parts of this outfit,

  • boots
  • floral dress
  • weird hat
  • bangles
Leather riding boots
here is a link to this adorable find


  play-suit(replaces the dress!)
I found a play-suit to match with the dress and its great for you anti dress people, its from this great new place called johnie B (heard of mini boden? its what you wore in 2nd grade :D)its the teen  version of the company boden.


from asos here is a couple of fair price cool bracelets..

Link Women empowerment !(I don't know what else to say)

Link Its a snake!    
Hat! what completes the look! I have a hats from Delia's* its cheap and goes along with the look nicely.

Well now you saw my revamped 20s style!
Blog again!

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