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Awkward Pictures in the Yard


      NJ Ask testing (New Jerseys standardized test which doesn't let teachers give homework!) is taking place this week and the weather has gone down from a lovely 70 degrees to a cold sad 50 degrees I couldn't bring myself to wearing a pair of jeans so I wore a pair of leggings instead. I thought I should share the outfit because boredom is getting to me without any homework and all my friends at various activities.  Oh yes indeed these are awkward selfies in my back yard.  I love this sweater, it is literally silky it adds a little bit of color to the outfit. Overall I tested in comfort. 
How Do you test in comfort?

Leggings :Nordstroms 
Sweater: Theory
Boots: Nordstroms
Socks:Smart wool :3

Keep Blooming,


  1. love your outfit, especially your jumper and boots! (: to answer your question, my 'comfort clothes' would probably just be an oversize jumper, skinny jeans and ankle boots (:

    1. We must have similar taste then!