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Respect for the Peter Pan Collar and other Thoughts

Hey there one direction
                   Above is one direction on the eventful and hilarious episode of Saturday Night Live with the amazing Sophia Vergara. I was not necessarily a fan of one direction but I found their music entertaining. I tried so hard not to fall into the category of boy crazy girls who love these five British Justin Beibers but these guys are hard to resist. Unlike Justin Beiber they are classy, English, and super stylish.Take note
I was blown away by their outfits at SNL in the picture above while they sang their super catchy song 
A Note to each boys on their style
Liam; I like the vest its very Justin Timberlake..your future perhaps? 
Louis; I like how you have the guts to were suspender I also I like that you pulled it off! Also I love love love the peter pan collar! <3
Harry: Your outfit is perfect from your red pants (risky indeed!), to your bow tie,perfect!
Zayn: Like Louis I love the peter pan collar! I also appreciate that you wore a red jacket,very bold.
Nial: Kudos for wearing the peter pan collar and the sweater informs me that you will never sag; very reassuring.
respect for the peter pan collar
Top Shop

 They are awesome dressers! Or maybe its their stylist but I like to think that this is their own personal style.  Anyways who has time to wonder when you need to convince your twin brother to be inspired by these fashionable young men  and dress up for the 8th grade graduation in Harry's outfit!

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  1. i do love a peter pan collar

    1. Yes and who knew 1D would pull it off so well!