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Grungy Pictures, Preppy Apparel

Sweater: Nordstroms

 Shirt: Uniqlo
Boat: Antique Store
note: I didn't mean to roll my eyes I swear!
Belt: Found it around the house..... Tehe

               Oh wow! I took these pictures yesterday and not until today did I notice my facial expressions and how condescending/sassy they are. I love this outfit and how prim and proper I feel in it. The only problem is when I wore it to school I was always afraid my teachers might be wearing similar things(or the exact same thing..yikes!). Thank god they weren't! Actually style wise my teachers need some help :). I took these picture first in my room, but the colors of Noels (my brothers) room worked so well with my shirt so I moved into his  :3.  The sail boat is his too, I thought it went well with the theme of my clothing!
Keep Blooming,
Ps. Noel is my twin and if it isn't obvious my room is the pink one and Noel's is the yellow one with all the boats in it ..Haha


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    1. Thanks its a feel good outfit for sure!

  2. oh sailor look, so nice! ;)

    thanks for comment my blog, you are free to follor me ;)

    now you can follow me at Facebook;)

    today Miu Miu collection, right or wrong? :)Por cierto, hora tambien puedes seguirme en Facebook;)

  3. gracias por pasarte! ;)

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  4. loving the top! it's perfect! been looking for one like that myself! :D also, so cool that you have a twin! my bf has one and im kinda jealous! :D
    XOXO Kasia

    1. Haha thank you its a fun way to be a sibling! I found my shirt at uniqlo it linen and its really comfy! :)

  5. Beautiful outfit, loved the combination!