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Shades of Black


Springtime(source:Travis Worden) 

      My least favorite season is fall, school starts again and shades of burgundy ,black and brown  are encouraged. I am content with the spring weather right now, so why are all  the clothing companies introducing the fall lines of clothing? I do not understand the business world of fashion yet, but  fall and spring do not mix. When I am out and about the town on sunny afternoons I try not to think about fall. Fall to me is just a sluggish yucky transition into winter. The clothing reflects that and  it is no fun.
Here are some examples of fall 2012 Pieces
Acne (source: joy
Prada (source: eyes sure do tell the story

It is hard to look forward to fall when you have spring fever.  Especially when fall comes in shades of black.In fact don't even look at these runway shows till its late summer, its just a good idea.
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