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She's so "Hipster"

  To be a hipster you have to be over 21 years old. In my rule book of course being 14 I am sure that nobody in my school is a hipster.  Real hipsters are village/Brooklyn wanderers. The people coming into my architechure presentation at camp with the long flowing beards and skirts. Those people would never call themselves hipsters to mainstream. I can see why because If you look at "Hipster Blogs" on tumblr  its just a large amount of Australia's youth. I am serious all the clothing and culture is Australian. Even though these girls are not hipster they do have the best summer clothing.
I did some research and found  out were to buy the stuff  :)! (By the way is america a thing, because  those american flag shorts from topshop are quite popular England and Hong Kong)
Anyways these websites are what  I found
No wonder Billabong did so well in the states ..this clothing is cute..
What country do you think the best clothing comes from? and is America really that cool?
American shorts from a  Hong Kong based company called chic wish??

oh dear, a hipster blog..

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